Why You Are Here.

There are only 2 reasons why you are here:
1. You had sex with someone you don't trust.   
2. She is pregnant and you don't know if you are the baby's father, or not.

It's time for some Uncomfortable Truths.
As the saying goes:
The Truth will Set You Free, but first it's gonna piss you off!

So, let's get into it.

Why You are HERE: The Bottom Line. 
We all have horror stories, near misses, crazy exes and so on, but the purpose of this article is to cut through all the fluff, BS and comforting lies we tell ourselves to get to the root cause of the situation; 
You had sex with her, she is pregnant...and now you are terrified of the possibilities.  

Bottom line:  
Whether she was a one night stand, hook up, tinder date, friend with benefits, girlfriend, partner or even your wife...and whether it turns out that you are the father or not, You are freaking out that someone else had sex with her and got her pregnant. 

'She has more red flags than a Chinese Communist Parade' – Rich Cooper 

Again, there are only 2 possibilities here: 
1. You have a real reason to be worried. 
2. You are being paranoid. 

Whatever the reason, the purpose here is to give you answers that give you control over your emotions, your decisions and your life. 

Let's start with possibility #1: You have a real reason to be worried. 

There are 2 ways this can go: 

(A). You can either blame her for being a psycho crazy person with low morals 
(B). You can take full responsibility for ALL of the outcomes in your life. 

If you chose (A), then I promise you a life of victimhood, lack of success and choices and a ton of frustration & injustice. 

Sure, she may be a crazy psycho with low morals, but bro, here's the ONLY Fact that matters...

You stuck your dick in her. 

Quick aside here guys: 
How many times have you seen a woman be an absolutely horrible, disrespectful, evil human being to one guy, 
then turn on a dime and be the sweetest, kindest, loving, feminine lady to another guy. 
It's almost like someone flips a switch and she goes from evil, psycho bitch to 1950s loving housewife in the blink of an eye, 
and you are scratching your head thinking, 'WTF just happened here?!?'  

Most women have within them, varying degrees of the crazy bitch and the sweetest, loving, kindest person you could ever hope to meet. 
It's like a sliding scale that she can switch between from moment to moment, depending upon who she is interacting with. 

It all depends on who you are and how you are perceived by her. 
It's why we have memes like this: 

And it is all your fault, guys! 
Why am I saying something so ridiculously stupid and obviously wrong? 

3 reasons:  
1. The ONLY part of ANY interaction YOU can control is YOUR OWN ACTIONS. 
She was either crazy & manipulative to begin with, and you missed it. 


Or, she was initially attracted to your masculine frame and you lost that frame and now 
she resents you for it (consciously or unconsciously), causing her to be bitchy & horrible. 


The reason WHY you don't trust her, is because you didn't choose well before having sex. 

In other words, there was something screwed up in your decision making process, 
and that is YOUR FAULT. 

That may sound harsh, but here's the TRUTH: 
The second that you claim FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all of your actions, 
you take full CONTROL over you life and POWER over your FUTURE. 

2. She's going to blame you anyway. 
As the saying goes, accountability is a (low quality) woman's kryptonite. 

We've all heard the horror stories; 
Guy joins the military, goes overseas to protect his country and his girlfriend hooks up with another guy.
He comes home from  deployment to an empty house. 

A man takes on a second job, working long hours away from home to support his family, and his wife has an affair because she's bored, 
or he wasn't around enough, or he didn't give her enough attention, or she lost attraction or any number of other bullshit excuses....
but it's never her fault. 

She's going to play the victim and use it to her advantage. 

Truth is this: You are not going to be having paternity issues with a high quality woman.  
Low quality women cheat and low quality women are hopeless at taking responsibility for their actions. 

The reason you are here, asking, 'Are you the daddy?,' is because you are having issues with a low quality, 
disloyal woman and you need to get yourself out of a problem you created. 

Again, it may sound harsh, but you chose wrong. 
You stuck your dick in her and she got pregnant. 

You are probably a good guy and she could have been a chameleon who hid her true colors until it was too late, 
but right now, that's not important. 

Why? Because number 3. is the kicker. 

3. Everyone will believe her anyway. 

Again, we all know the stories: Woman attacks her boyfriend, the police are called, the guy gets arrested. 

She cheated and had another man's child but the courts rule that you must pay child support. 

I could go on and on, and we'll go through some of the horror stories in other articles, 
but right now, this is what you need to know: 

Society gives her a free pass and it's men that have to pay, physically, financially and emotionally for her bad actions. 

The police, the courts and society are on her side, you have NO CONTROL over them and that's not going to change any time soon. 

The ONLY thing you have control over is your own AWARENESS & ACTIONS. 

We are Here to Help. 

Now that you KNOW the cold hard truth, here is where YOU REGAIN THE  POWER IN YOUR LIFE. 

And that is what this site is all about: 
1. Vetting women properly so that you never have to experience the horrible feeling of 'Am I this kid's daddy, or not?' 
2. Finding out for certain if you are the daddy or not, and how to move forward confidently and successfully whatever the answer is. 
3. Becoming the best version of yourself so that success and confidence is your birthright and you naturally attract high quality men and women into your professional and personal life, 
and if you are the daddy, to be the  best father a child could ever have. 4. Develop self confidence and master your emotions so that you never act insecure and paranoid and accuse a good woman of cheating on you.  

Sure, it may feel like you are walking through a minefield and everything feels hopeless right now.
We've all been there at some point in our lives.
We have all made mistakes and we have all come out the other end, wiser and stronger,
and you can too.

We've got your back, so read on and let's find the answers you need to get your life back on track.