A young bull and a wise old bull were standing on a hilltop, looking down over a herd of cows.

The young bull turns to the old bull and says,

“Let’s run down the hill and bang one of those cows each.”

The wise old bull smiles to himself…ahhhh the impetuosity of youth, and then gives the young bull a nugget of wisdom:

“ No son, let us both walk down the hill and bang all of them.”

Too many young men grow up these days without a strong male role model; an uncle, father or big brother to teach them simple practical skills like how to change a car tire and check the oil and water levels in their car to the more life defining lessons like how to choose a good woman to have a family with.

As a result, young men are being burned by society and blamed for poor decisions from problems they don’t have the skill set to deal with.

One of the biggest challenges facing young men today is this one?

What’s the difference between a good girl and a good-time girl?

A good girl goes out, goes home & goes to bed.

A good-time girl goes out, goes to bed and goes home.

The good girl has strong values and a good family structure.

She is the girl you bring home to meet your mother, the one you invest time and energy in, the one you build a future with.

Good girls are harder to find and you need to be maxed out in the 3Fs to be able to attract and keep her.

Good girls are rare and most men don’t know how to detect and select them.

The good-time girls are the ones you see doing the ‘walk of shame’ on a Sunday morning after a one night stand with some random guy they met at 2am outside the nightclub.

She’s the one you NEVER kiss on the mouth, the one you make sure you ALWAYS use protection with, and you dispose of that protection yourself…or you stay away from her altogether.

The good-time girls are either twerking in the club or showing their tits n ass all over insta searching for attention and craving validation from thirsty guys with no self respect….they are easy to find and easy to f***.

They are a dime a dozen and not worth your time and energy, except maybe as an occasional lay.

But when you are 20 years old and young dumb and full of cum and your little head is ruling every decision you make, you are obsessed about short term fun with the good-time girl…and THAT is how you end up on a website like this one, trying to unfuck your life.

So, now that you are here, let’s get started:

This is serious, so we are NOT going to sugarcoat things here.

Instead, the information you are about to learn is probably going to hit you like a frying pan to the forehead.

Step 1 is learning the facing up to some Cold Hard Facts.

Is she a cheater?

How often do women cheat?

What is paternity fraud?

How often does paternity fraud happen?

You need to have get the facts so you can man up, look yourself in the eye and make some difficult decisions about your life

Step 2 is ‘Why You Are Here:

The truth is this:

You stuck your dick in a woman you don’t trust and now you are wondering if you are the father. You are either correct not to trust her because she’s a 403 OR You have trust, boundary and communication issues, you are feeling insecure and are being paranoid. ‘Damage Control’ gives you the action steps to get the truth.

Step 3 is ‘Can You Handle the Truth?’

We are men.

We live in the black and white world of truth and facts, not the feminized, blurry shades of grey world of thoughts and feelings.

You need the truth to move forward.

Are you the baby’s father?

What are your options moving forward?

Regardless of the results, what do you need to do the level up in life and become the best version of yourself?