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You don't know if you are the child's father

The Million Dollar Question:  Are You the Baby’s Father?

Why do you have doubts?

What is paternity fraud?

How often does paternity fraud happen?

How can you know for sure if you are the child’s daddy, or not?

Here are the FACTS:

Every woman KNOWS

EVERY woman KNOWS she is the baby’s mother, but men don’t share the confidence and certainty of KNOWING 100% that they are the father.

Meanwhile, doubts creep into a man’s head and eat away at him:

Maybe the dates of conception and birth don’t add up.

Perhaps you caught her in a lie or she cheated in the past,

or she TOLD you that you might not be the baby’s father.

The baby doesn’t look like you or has different color eyes to you.

What if the baby’s blood type is different to yours?

And sometimes you are being fearful, insecure and paranoid.

You are wondering…What Can You Do?

When you feel like your world is being ripped apart, there are some things you need to remember.

Most importantly: Stay Calm.  Don’t say or do anything you might regret or that could get you arrested.A calm mind is a smart mind

Get answers BEFORE you say or do things that can destroy your relationships.

  1. Can you legally get a paternity test without the mother’s consent?

How reliable is DNA testing?

2.  Why don’t hospitals do paternity tests when the baby is born?

Is a home paternity test admissible in court?

3.  Where can you get a DNA test?

4.  What does a paternity test cost?

5.  What are your legal obligations if  you are not the father?

Will you stay or leave if you are NOT the baby daddy?

6.  How can you build your confidence and trust if you ARE the father and your doubts and concerns were all in                 your head?

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