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Are you the father? The wolfpack has your backAre you the child’s father?

How can you know for sure?

What can you do to find out?

What rights and responsibilities do you have when you are & when you are not the baby daddy?

The Wolf pack has your back!

You are in the right place and we are here to help you.

We are the big brother, the wise uncle or the father you could never turn to for advice and guidance.

We help men just like you to find answers to difficult and uncomfortable questions.

Can you legally get a DNA test without the mother’s consent?

Can you be forced to pay child support for a child that is not biologically yours?

These are some of the questions that caused us to create this website and put ALL THE ANSWERS in one place.

We are just like you.

We have been in situations just like the one you find yourself in right now.

We have been duped, lied to, deceived and burned and we want to make sure the same DOES NOT happen to you.

Yes, paternity fraud is a real thing.  It happens far more often than people want to admit.

And yes, sometimes guys are being paranoid and insecure.

The doubts and insecurity can drive a man crazy.

You need to know for certain if you are the child’s father, or not.

And you NEED to find out in a way that is NOT going to destroy your life if you are WRONG.

That is WHY we have created this website, for YOU.

You don’t want to be running your mouth and making wild accusations without the FACTS.

You want to CALMLY gather ALL the information BEFORE you say things that can’t be unsaid.

You want to KNOW your rights and responsibilities whatever the result.

You want to keep your SELF RESPECT and dignity NO MATTER WHAT.

How we designed this website.

Paternity tests are you the daddy

No fluff, just the FACTS.  You want ANSWERS? We got answers.

Doubts & suspicions?

What are the stats on paternity fraud?

How common is it that men are NOT the father of a child that he thinks is his?

Find ALL the answers in “ARE YOU THE DADDY” HERE


The DNA test results are in:

You ARE the baby’s father.

Yes you are the daddy

What are your rights and responsibilities?

How do you step up  and be the best man you can be,

and become the best father any child  could wish for?

How can you create and maintain a healthy & workable relationship

with the child’s mother, even if you are not together?

Get the information you NEED in “When You Are the Daddy” HERE


The Paternity Test results say:

You are NOT the child’s father.

You have been cheated on, lied to and deceived.

If you feel relieved or heartbroken, where to from here?

Can you be forced to pay child support for another man’s child?

If you have bonded, can you still be part of the child’s life?

How can you rebuild your life and move forward?

Get the support and help you need HERE “When You are NOT the Daddy”

Whatever your situation is, REMEMBER:

Things WILL get better if you are CALM and SMART.

We will HELP you.

The Wolf pack has your back and will give you the answers you need.

We are constantly adding more and more information from all over the web so that you can find the answers HERE, in one place.