What is Paternity Fraud (Who benefits from the lies)

Common Law established the “marital paternity presumption”, dating back hundreds of years, and is defined as “a child born during a marriage is the offspring of the husband.”

There was never any debate and it was enshrined in law.

Biological paternity and Legal paternity were one and the same.

A child born as the result of a wife committing adultery, is automatically recognized as a legitimate child of the marriage.

An illegitimate child (bastard), caused social stigma to the mother and excluded the child from being able to inherit from the husband of the child’s mother.

In short, the law has been protecting the bad actions of women for hundreds of years.

Over the years, and as technology has become more advanced, accessible and affordable, it is now possible for any man to quickly and easily obtain a paternity test…kinda, which we’ll look at more closely in this article.

What’s the result of these advances in technology?

Some of society’s bubbles have been burst about the ‘fairer sex’…

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So, now that we KNOW that there is a significant percentage of women who cheat and lie and give birth to children that may not have been fathered by her husband/life partner.

Right now there are guys reading this thinking, “My wife/girlfriend/partner would never cheat on me”.

You NEED to read this article: “Why women cheat on good men”

Maybe if the law made these women more accountable, there would be less cheating going on…just a thought, but we’ll examine WHY the law continues to protect bad actions by women later in this article. Every woman KNOWS that the child is hers, but if she has cheated around the time of conception, then a real world possibility, that her partner/husband is NOT the baby’s biological father. Here’s the million dollar question: Should she tell him that he may not be the baby’s father? If your answer to this question is ‘NO, then you are in favour of paternity fraud. Read the article: “Imagine if the tables were turned” to gain a different perspective. So, now we have come this far, let’s define terms: Fraud is defined as: …”intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.” In civil law, fraud is a tort: …”the intentional concealment of an important fact upon which the victim is meant to rely, and in fact does rely, to the harm of the victim.” In criminal law, fraud can take the form of …”theft by false pretense.” Paternity is defined as: …”relationship between a father and his child.” Paternity is further divided into 2 categories: 1. ‘Biological’ paternity, where you are the deemed to be the father by “marital paternity presumption” or by a DNA test. How accurate are DNA tests? Read the article HERE 2. ‘Legal’ paternity, where you willingly (or unwittingly) fulfil the role of a child’s father in the eyes of the court. What’s the difference between ‘Legal Father’ and ‘Biological Father’? Click HERE Paternity Fraud = Forced Adoption by Deception. All any man wants to know is: “Am I the biological father? Am I the child’s daddy?” Lawyers frequently talk about lies of omission, deliberately holding back information that could be relevant to a case. To deny a man the right to know and the opportunity to find out if they are the child’s father, is in our layman’s opinion, a lie of omission, and deceptive. To deny a child the knowledge that the man they call ‘daddy’ may not be their real father, could be damaging in many ways, which we’ll look at in this article. The choice of DNA testing at birth gives fathers the same certainty mothers have always had, and gives the child the truth. So, why hasn’t the law caught up with technology and why do some states and countries try to limit (or deny) the man the right to a paternity test? The Family Courts frequently throw around the phrase “best interests of the child” as a catch all to justify all sorts of actions and decisions that ruin so many lives. So, let’s examine their weasel words “best interests of the child” and find out who REALLY benefits from this fraud. A wise man (a retired judge) told me years ago, “When a law or legal ruling makes no sense, ALWAYS follow the money and answer the question: Who wins and who loses?” Let’s answer the last question first: Who loses? 1. The child who has been deceived and never has the opportunity to know and bond with their real, biological father. Maybe they find out the truth later in life and have to come to terms with the fact that their mother is a liar and cheat and has stolen years of bonding and forming a relationship with their biological father. There could be genetic and health considerations that the child deserves to know about. 2. The man who has been deceived and wrongly believes that his woman is faithful and the child is his. The choice to walk away and have a child of his own with an honest woman has been stolen away by a lying, cheating woman, and a legal system that protects her bad actions. 3. The biological father who doesn’t know, and is denied the opportunity, to know and bond with his child. She has a moral obligation to inform him that he may be a father, and to give him the opportunity to find out for sure. A woman who keeps this information from her husband/partner/boyfriend is unlikely to be truthful to the man she cheated with. That leopard isn’t going to change her spots. 4. The extended family: half brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins who never get to build a relationship with the child…the list goes on and on. The list of losers is extensive…so, let’s look at the next question: Who wins? You would imagine that there would be only one winner…the lying cheating woman who has kept the truth from her partner, her child, the extended family and the other potential father(s) [you read that right, she may have cheated with multiple men around the time of conception]…if you don’t believe me, have a look at this clip of a woman having multiple paternity tests to try and find out who the father of her child is (you can’t make this shit up). [Link] & [Link] Why would the legal system support a situation that harms so many people (the child, the man who thinks he is the father, the real father and the extended family), and protects only one (the woman who cheat on her husband/partner/boyfriend)? If we stop for a moment and apply the final test & “Follow the money”, another couple of winners emerge…let’s take a deeper look. The legal system created two terms: “marital paternity presumption” and “legal father” Click HERE to read the article What’s the difference between ‘Legal Father’ and ‘Biological Father’? In a nutshell, it all comes down to legal fees and the government passing the bill onto some sucker (the legal father, by acting like a father or by marital paternity presumption). The golden rule in law is: the lawyers ALWAYS get paid. Even if a paternity test proves a man is NOT the father, he has to take the matter to (the Supreme) court to disavow paternity and have the child’s birth certificate amended. [link] Kaching! The lawyers rack up a bunch of legal fees. If he divorces his lying, cheating wife, the lawyers rack up a bunch of legal fees. Kaching! He invariably ends up losing half his assets and paying alimony and child support, even though she is the liar and cheat. Why would he be paying child support for a child that isn’t his? Lawyers use the ‘legal father’ argument to hit you with child support payments for another man’s children If you have changed their diapers, bathed them, read them bedtime stories, tucked them in at night, picked them up from school, helped them with their homework, taken them to sporting events, or any number of other activities that a father would do, the courts can argue that you are acting the role of their father and are their legal father in the eyes of the law…if they can argue that successfully, you’re on the hook for child support buddy. In some states, you have just 2 years from birth to prove you’re not the father. If you don’t take a paternity test during that time, if she names you the legal father, it is virtually impossible to reverse the court’s decision without a very good lawyer and a boatload of cash! Why would anyone let the system get so messed up? Ask any man who has been through the family law meat grinder and they will be the first to tell you that it is a rigged game. But why? If you don’t get stuck with the bill, who ends up paying? She cheats, the child isn’t yours and you leave (or throw her out)…who is going to pay to feed, clothe, house, educate and care for the child? The government, that’s who…and they’re not paying. They have enough single mothers to pay for already. Imagine if every guy could afford to divorce every lying cheating woman, and not have to pay her alimony. The government would be bankrupt in a heartbeat. If the government got stuck with paying for the children of lying, cheating wives/girlfriends & partners, the whole welfare system would collapse. It’s too hard to hunt down the real father…if he was a one night stand, she might even know his full name! Chuck it in the too hard basket and pin the bill on a soft target…the ‘legal’ father. So, they create a bunch of statutes & legislation and weasel words and legal terms and a Family Court system that sticks you with the bill…even if you aren’t the father and have done nothing wrong. And if you don’t pay, they coerce and threaten you with violence and jail and society labels you a ‘deadbeat dad.’ If there is so little justice and so little support for men, how can you win? Prevention & knowing how to screen out low value women would be great, but most guys don’t look for this information until they are already in a world of pain. Don’t get married. Unfortunately, 50% of first marriages and 65% of second marriages end in divorce. The Family law system and divorce courts are so heavily stacked against men that there are very few benefits for men to get married, even with a prenuptial agreement. Do not sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity until you have had a paternity test that says you are the father. Read the Full Article HERE Become a monk and don’t date. A healthy sex life is an important aspect of a man’s life, so it is unrealistic to suggest never dating again.. So, if you’re going to date, ALWAYS use a condom, to prevent a pregnancy and to reduce the risk of disease. If you don’t want (any more) children, get a vasectomy. Consider an escort service/using the services of a sex worker Read the Article: Dating vs sex workers: A cost/benefit analysis