The Biology of Cheating

You Can’t Handle the Truth!


I’m not here to make excuses for people stepping out on their partner and getting a bit of strange, but it’s time to face the facts.

Some people are great for a bit of ‘friends with benefits’ fun.

Some people are great for a lifelong commitment.

But you will NEVER find those traits in the same woman, because that would make her a unicorn…


There’s a reason for the saying: “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”.

When you understand the biology, you will have a key to the matrix that will make EVERYTHING about relationships fall into place.

Hardcore feminists have been saying for years, “Every man is a potential rapist.”

They forgot to add, “Every woman is a potential hoe”.

We’ve been told that men and women are equal, so you deserve the TRUTH about men AND women…even if it IS a bitter pill to swallow and even if it pisses of the feminists.

Like we’ve said here before, and we’re gonna say it again:

The truth WILL set you free, but FIRST it’s gonna piss you off.

Stereotypes exist for a reason:

Men behave like sperm, women behave like eggs.

Let’s take a closer look at what is described as the Make and Female Biological Imperative & the Male & Female Reproductive Strategies:

When a guy shoots his load, there are 6 to 10 million sperm in that load of jizz, swimming like an Olympic gold medallist to try and impregnate an egg.

It is a man’s biological imperative to spread his seed far and wide to pass on his genetic code to the next generation.

Remember when you were 16 years old, a pretty girl walks by and you have a boner that could break glass with…you’re not thinking romance, you’re thinking how you’d like to plow her, there and then…and 5 minutes later you see the next pretty girl, and that sexy MILF, and your science teacher, and your best friend’s Mom….and….and

You can’t control it, sex rules every waking thought…you are Young, Dumb & full of cum.

It’s Biology, Genetics, Nature…it’s primal, and even though society tries to frown on these urges and make guys ashamed for being MEN, the fact remains: Thousands upon thousands of years of evolution brought us to where we are today.

The only reason you are here to read this, is because your father found your mother, and you are the winning sperm, that pierced the egg, to form YOU.

We are DESIGNED to reproduce, and YOU won the Sperm Olympics!

And it’s not just men, but women too…we couldn’t have got this far without the ladies.

The average woman starts menstruating at 13 years old, releasing one egg a month, until around age 40.

That’s one egg a month, for around 27 years, so around (27 x 12) 324 eggs she releases in her reproductive life.

Compared to a sperm, those eggs are RARE and PRECIOUS.

And she wants the FITTEST, FASTEST, STRONGEST male genetics to combine with her female genetics, to create the most attractive & capable offspring that she can.

She also wants the most resources she can access to give her children the best possible start in life.

So, females have 2 main aims when trying to attract a mate:

The best GENETICS she can access for a STRONG, CAPABLE & ATTRACTIVE child.

The best RESOURCES to give them the best opportunity to grow FIT & STRONG.

Unfortunately, those 2 sets of characteristics don’t tend to exist in the same man.

This brings about the next stereotype we hear more & more:

Alpha FUCKS and Beta BUCKS.

As much as we like to think we are evolving, it seems we are descending into our more basic demands when looking for a partner.

We see & hear it time & again from women:

Women want the six 6’s:

6 foot tall

6 figure income

6 pack abs

600 horsepower under the hood

6 inches in his trousers

6 months out of a relationship

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have shown this time & again:

Most men will date 80% of women.

80% of women will only date the top 20% (or even the Top 2%) of men.


This situation has become so ridiculous that Female Dating Coaches are calling women out for being too picky:


So, what does this all mean?

Why do women cheat?

Let’s look again at the six 6’s:

6 Foot tall:

That’s around 4% of the male population.

Tall = good genes & access to good nutrition.

6 Figure Income:

He can afford to give his family a good life.

6 pack abs:

He is strong, fit and healthy and able to protect and work to provide.

600 Horsepower under the hood:

She may not know the exact specs of his car, but a cool sport scar means that man has cash & resources.

6 inches in the pants:

He’s strong, he’s virile & he can satisfy his lady.

That’s ANOTHER thing the Lamestream media has lied to you about: Women love great sex too.

6 months out of a relationship:

He’s emotionally stable and not hung up on his ex, so he’s able to give all his attention to her and she doesn’t have to compete with his ex for his time, energy & resources.

Of course, she’s probably not consciously thinking these things out loud (although you can bet your ass that some women DEFINITELY think like this), but at soem level, her biology is taking notice.

That’s what she is GENETICALLY wired to do.

Just as Men are designed and genetically wired to be attracted to wide hips (she can bear his children), big breasts (she can feed his children) and health, youth & physical attractiveness,

Women are biologically attracted to Alpha masculine physical traits (height, broad shoulders and strong jawline) for strong attractive offspring & signs of wealth (assets & resources) to be able to provide for her children.

At the end of the day, we are just hairless monkeys…with Primal Animal Urges.

So, let’s look at what the research says:

Women will cheat more during ovulation

Women will pair more outside of ovulation.

From a biological & genetic point of view, she is securing the best genetic and financial resources she can access.

And men have developed biological strategies to protect their genetics as well.

[Sperm wars]

Hypergamy (new term), Monkey Branching => why?

Securing resources

Best Biology & the government insures her financial well-being, either through social security or forcing him to pay.

What can you do?

Don’t get married.

Don’t live with a woman.

Learn to vet women properly before having a child with her.

Only cohabitate in a jurisdiction that is sympathetc to men (and balanced) => you could be waiting a while.

Develop the best Biology & resources you are able to => Become the best version of yourself

Get a paternity test on each of your children

If you’re done having kids, get a vasectomy.