The Biology of Cheating

You Can’t Handle the Truth!


I’m not here to make excuses for people stepping out on their partner and getting a bit of strange, but it’s time to face the facts.

Some people are great for a bit of ‘friends with benefits’ fun.

Some people are great for a lifelong commitment.

But you will NEVER find those traits in the same woman, because that would make her a unicorn…


There’s a reason for the saying: “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”.

When you understand the biology, you will have a key to the matrix that will make EVERYTHING about relationships fall into place.

Hardcore feminists have been saying for years, “Every man is a potential rapist.”

They forgot to add, “Every woman is a potential hoe”.

We’ve been told that men and women are equal, so you deserve the TRUTH about men AND women…even if it IS a bitter pill to swallow and even if it pisses of the feminists.

Like we’ve said here before, and we’re gonna say it again:

The truth WILL set you free, but FIRST it’s gonna piss you off.

Stereotypes exist for a reason:

Men behave like sperm, women behave like eggs.

Let’s take a closer look at what is described as the Make and Female Biological Imperative & the Male & Female Reproductive Strategies:

When a guy shoots his load, there are 6 to 10 million sperm in that load of jizz, swimming like an Olympic gold medallist to try and impregnate an egg.

It is a man’s biological imperative to spread his seed far and wide to pass on his genetic code to the next generation.

Remember when you were 16 years old, a pretty girl walks by and you have a boner that could break glass with…you’re not thinking romance, you’re thinking how you’d like to plow her, there and then…and 5 minutes later you see the next pretty girl, and that sexy MILF, and your science teacher, and your best friend’s Mom….and….and

You can’t control it, sex rules every waking thought…you are Young, Dumb & full of cum.

It’s Biology, Genetics, Nature…it’s primal, and even though society tries to frown on these urges and make guys ashamed for being MEN, the fact remains: Thousands upon thousands of years of evolution brought us to where we are today.

The only reason you are here to read this, is because your father found your mother, and you are the winning sperm, that pierced the egg, to form YOU.

We are DESIGNED to reproduce, and YOU won the Sperm Olympics!

And it’s not just men, but women too…we couldn’t have got this far without the ladies.

The average woman starts menstruating at 13 years old, releasing one egg a month, until around age 40.

That’s one egg a month, for around 27 years, so around (27 x 12) 324 eggs she releases in her reproductive life.

Compared to a sperm, those eggs are RARE and PRECIOUS.

And she wants the FITTEST, FASTEST, STRONGEST male genetics to combine with her female genetics, to create the most attractive & capable offspring that she can.

She also wants the most resources she can access to give her children the best possible start in life.

So, females have 2 main aims when trying to attract a mate:

The best GENETICS she can access for a STRONG, CAPABLE & ATTRACTIVE child.

The best RESOURCES to give them the best opportunity to grow FIT & STRONG.

Unfortunately, those 2 sets of characteristics don’t tend to exist in the same man.

This brings about the next stereotype we hear more & more:

Alpha FUCKS and Beta BUCKS.

As much as we like to think we are evolving, it seems we are descending into our more basic demands when looking for a partner.

We see & hear it time & again from women:

Women want the six 6’s:

6 foot tall

6 figure income

6 pack abs

600 horsepower under the hood

6 inches in his trousers

6 months out of a relationship

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have shown this time & again:

Most men will date 80% of women.

80% of women will only date the top 20% (or even the Top 2%) of men.


This situation has become so ridiculous that Female Dating Coaches are calling women out for being too picky:


So, what does this all mean?

Why do women cheat?

Let’s look again at the six 6’s:

6 Foot tall:

That’s around 4% of the male population.

Tall = good genes & access to good nutrition.

6 Figure Income:

He can afford to give his family a good life.

6 pack abs:

He is strong, fit and healthy and able to protect and work to provide.

600 Horsepower under the hood:

She may not know the exact specs of his car, but a cool sport scar means that man has cash & resources.

6 inches in the pants:

He’s strong, he’s virile & he can satisfy his lady.

That’s ANOTHER thing the Lamestream media has lied to you about: Women love great sex too.

6 months out of a relationship:

He’s emotionally stable and not hung up on his ex, so he’s able to give all his attention to her and she doesn’t have to compete with his ex for his time, energy & resources.

Of course, she’s probably not consciously thinking these things out loud (although you can bet your ass that some women DEFINITELY think like this), but at soem level, her biology is taking notice.

That’s what she is GENETICALLY wired to do.

Just as Men are designed and genetically wired to be attracted to wide hips (she can bear his children), big breasts (she can feed his children) and health, youth & physical attractiveness,

Women are biologically attracted to Alpha masculine physical traits (height, broad shoulders and strong jawline) for strong attractive offspring & signs of wealth (assets & resources) to be able to provide for her children.

At the end of the day, we are just hairless monkeys…with Primal Animal Urges.

So, let’s look at what the research says:

Women will cheat more during ovulation

Women will pair more outside of ovulation.

From a biological & genetic point of view, she is securing the best genetic and financial resources she can access.

And men have developed biological strategies to protect their genetics as well.

[Sperm wars]

Hypergamy (new term), Monkey Branching => why?

Securing resources

Best Biology & the government insures her financial well-being, either through social security or forcing him to pay.

What can you do?

Don’t get married.

Don’t live with a woman.

Learn to vet women properly before having a child with her.

Only cohabitate in a jurisdiction that is sympathetc to men (and balanced) => you could be waiting a while.

Develop the best Biology & resources you are able to => Become the best version of yourself

Get a paternity test on each of your children

If you’re done having kids, get a vasectomy.

What is Paternity Fraud (Who benefits from the lies)

Common Law established the “marital paternity presumption”, dating back hundreds of years, and is defined as “a child born during a marriage is the offspring of the husband.”

There was never any debate and it was enshrined in law.

Biological paternity and Legal paternity were one and the same.

A child born as the result of a wife committing adultery, is automatically recognized as a legitimate child of the marriage.

An illegitimate child (bastard), caused social stigma to the mother and excluded the child from being able to inherit from the husband of the child’s mother.

In short, the law has been protecting the bad actions of women for hundreds of years.

Over the years, and as technology has become more advanced, accessible and affordable, it is now possible for any man to quickly and easily obtain a paternity test…kinda, which we’ll look at more closely in this article.

What’s the result of these advances in technology?

Some of society’s bubbles have been burst about the ‘fairer sex’…

[ Research stats & links ]

So, now that we KNOW that there is a significant percentage of women who cheat and lie and give birth to children that may not have been fathered by her husband/life partner.

Right now there are guys reading this thinking, “My wife/girlfriend/partner would never cheat on me”.

You NEED to read this article: “Why women cheat on good men”

Maybe if the law made these women more accountable, there would be less cheating going on…just a thought, but we’ll examine WHY the law continues to protect bad actions by women later in this article. Every woman KNOWS that the child is hers, but if she has cheated around the time of conception, then a real world possibility, that her partner/husband is NOT the baby’s biological father. Here’s the million dollar question: Should she tell him that he may not be the baby’s father? If your answer to this question is ‘NO, then you are in favour of paternity fraud. Read the article: “Imagine if the tables were turned” to gain a different perspective. So, now we have come this far, let’s define terms: Fraud is defined as: …”intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.” In civil law, fraud is a tort: …”the intentional concealment of an important fact upon which the victim is meant to rely, and in fact does rely, to the harm of the victim.” In criminal law, fraud can take the form of …”theft by false pretense.” Paternity is defined as: …”relationship between a father and his child.” Paternity is further divided into 2 categories: 1. ‘Biological’ paternity, where you are the deemed to be the father by “marital paternity presumption” or by a DNA test. How accurate are DNA tests? Read the article HERE 2. ‘Legal’ paternity, where you willingly (or unwittingly) fulfil the role of a child’s father in the eyes of the court. What’s the difference between ‘Legal Father’ and ‘Biological Father’? Click HERE Paternity Fraud = Forced Adoption by Deception. All any man wants to know is: “Am I the biological father? Am I the child’s daddy?” Lawyers frequently talk about lies of omission, deliberately holding back information that could be relevant to a case. To deny a man the right to know and the opportunity to find out if they are the child’s father, is in our layman’s opinion, a lie of omission, and deceptive. To deny a child the knowledge that the man they call ‘daddy’ may not be their real father, could be damaging in many ways, which we’ll look at in this article. The choice of DNA testing at birth gives fathers the same certainty mothers have always had, and gives the child the truth. So, why hasn’t the law caught up with technology and why do some states and countries try to limit (or deny) the man the right to a paternity test? The Family Courts frequently throw around the phrase “best interests of the child” as a catch all to justify all sorts of actions and decisions that ruin so many lives. So, let’s examine their weasel words “best interests of the child” and find out who REALLY benefits from this fraud. A wise man (a retired judge) told me years ago, “When a law or legal ruling makes no sense, ALWAYS follow the money and answer the question: Who wins and who loses?” Let’s answer the last question first: Who loses? 1. The child who has been deceived and never has the opportunity to know and bond with their real, biological father. Maybe they find out the truth later in life and have to come to terms with the fact that their mother is a liar and cheat and has stolen years of bonding and forming a relationship with their biological father. There could be genetic and health considerations that the child deserves to know about. 2. The man who has been deceived and wrongly believes that his woman is faithful and the child is his. The choice to walk away and have a child of his own with an honest woman has been stolen away by a lying, cheating woman, and a legal system that protects her bad actions. 3. The biological father who doesn’t know, and is denied the opportunity, to know and bond with his child. She has a moral obligation to inform him that he may be a father, and to give him the opportunity to find out for sure. A woman who keeps this information from her husband/partner/boyfriend is unlikely to be truthful to the man she cheated with. That leopard isn’t going to change her spots. 4. The extended family: half brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins who never get to build a relationship with the child…the list goes on and on. The list of losers is extensive…so, let’s look at the next question: Who wins? You would imagine that there would be only one winner…the lying cheating woman who has kept the truth from her partner, her child, the extended family and the other potential father(s) [you read that right, she may have cheated with multiple men around the time of conception]…if you don’t believe me, have a look at this clip of a woman having multiple paternity tests to try and find out who the father of her child is (you can’t make this shit up). [Link] & [Link] Why would the legal system support a situation that harms so many people (the child, the man who thinks he is the father, the real father and the extended family), and protects only one (the woman who cheat on her husband/partner/boyfriend)? If we stop for a moment and apply the final test & “Follow the money”, another couple of winners emerge…let’s take a deeper look. The legal system created two terms: “marital paternity presumption” and “legal father” Click HERE to read the article What’s the difference between ‘Legal Father’ and ‘Biological Father’? In a nutshell, it all comes down to legal fees and the government passing the bill onto some sucker (the legal father, by acting like a father or by marital paternity presumption). The golden rule in law is: the lawyers ALWAYS get paid. Even if a paternity test proves a man is NOT the father, he has to take the matter to (the Supreme) court to disavow paternity and have the child’s birth certificate amended. [link] Kaching! The lawyers rack up a bunch of legal fees. If he divorces his lying, cheating wife, the lawyers rack up a bunch of legal fees. Kaching! He invariably ends up losing half his assets and paying alimony and child support, even though she is the liar and cheat. Why would he be paying child support for a child that isn’t his? Lawyers use the ‘legal father’ argument to hit you with child support payments for another man’s children If you have changed their diapers, bathed them, read them bedtime stories, tucked them in at night, picked them up from school, helped them with their homework, taken them to sporting events, or any number of other activities that a father would do, the courts can argue that you are acting the role of their father and are their legal father in the eyes of the law…if they can argue that successfully, you’re on the hook for child support buddy. In some states, you have just 2 years from birth to prove you’re not the father. If you don’t take a paternity test during that time, if she names you the legal father, it is virtually impossible to reverse the court’s decision without a very good lawyer and a boatload of cash! Why would anyone let the system get so messed up? Ask any man who has been through the family law meat grinder and they will be the first to tell you that it is a rigged game. But why? If you don’t get stuck with the bill, who ends up paying? She cheats, the child isn’t yours and you leave (or throw her out)…who is going to pay to feed, clothe, house, educate and care for the child? The government, that’s who…and they’re not paying. They have enough single mothers to pay for already. Imagine if every guy could afford to divorce every lying cheating woman, and not have to pay her alimony. The government would be bankrupt in a heartbeat. If the government got stuck with paying for the children of lying, cheating wives/girlfriends & partners, the whole welfare system would collapse. It’s too hard to hunt down the real father…if he was a one night stand, she might even know his full name! Chuck it in the too hard basket and pin the bill on a soft target…the ‘legal’ father. So, they create a bunch of statutes & legislation and weasel words and legal terms and a Family Court system that sticks you with the bill…even if you aren’t the father and have done nothing wrong. And if you don’t pay, they coerce and threaten you with violence and jail and society labels you a ‘deadbeat dad.’ If there is so little justice and so little support for men, how can you win? Prevention & knowing how to screen out low value women would be great, but most guys don’t look for this information until they are already in a world of pain. Don’t get married. Unfortunately, 50% of first marriages and 65% of second marriages end in divorce. The Family law system and divorce courts are so heavily stacked against men that there are very few benefits for men to get married, even with a prenuptial agreement. Do not sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity until you have had a paternity test that says you are the father. Read the Full Article HERE Become a monk and don’t date. A healthy sex life is an important aspect of a man’s life, so it is unrealistic to suggest never dating again.. So, if you’re going to date, ALWAYS use a condom, to prevent a pregnancy and to reduce the risk of disease. If you don’t want (any more) children, get a vasectomy. Consider an escort service/using the services of a sex worker Read the Article: Dating vs sex workers: A cost/benefit analysis

She cheated and now she’s pregnant…What Do I Do?

Let’s set the scene:

You’ve been dating for just under 2 years and are totally in love with her.

You’re thinking about proposing to her and have been working overtime, saving for an engagement ring for the past 4 months.

The past month or so, she’s been acting a bit distant and moody and you’ve been having silly little arguments.
You’re having dinner together one Friday night and go to pour her a glass of wine when she covers her glass, looks you in the eyes, and she says,

”I’ve got something to tell you, I’m pregnant.”

You’re surprised, and overjoyed!

You hug her and kiss her…Your dream girl is going to have your baby…but she doesn’t seem as excited as you.

She actually seems quite down and subdued.

You start doing more overtime and go for a promotion at work.

You have a child on the way and you are saving as much money as you can to give your child the best start in life.

She starts criticizing you more and more and picking fighting with you, over the silliest little things.

You put it down to her hormones, so you start doing everything you can to support her more and make her happy, but she just becomes more withdrawn and critical…you can’t seem to do anything right.

One Saturday morning, she rushes to the bathroom with morning sickness, and while she’s in there, her phone pings.

The screen lights up and you see a very flirty text,

“Hey sexy, it was so great to see you last night…”

…while you were working late to save money for your new family.

She comes out of the bathroom and sees her phone in your hand, and the guilt is written all over her face….and in that moment, the bottom falls out of your world.

You confront her about the text, she starts hurling insults at you,

“You’re never here for me, you don’t care, you’re always out…”

You argue, accusations are hurled at each other, she bursts into tears and she blurts out the words that hit you like a knife through your heart,

“It just happened”,

before storming into the bedroom and slamming the door.

Nothing more needs to be said…the sordid details don’t matter, she cheated on you, and now she’s pregnant.

Your world is spinning, the bubble has burst.

Your dream girl is nothing more than a cheat.

Your mind is racing.

How long has she been cheating.

Is the baby even yours?

You grab your shave bag and jacket and go and spend the night on your buddy’s sofa.

You tell him your sorry tale over a couple of beers, and he slowly shakes his head… “I don’t know how to tell you this bro, but my sister saw your girlfriend cuddling up to this guy in the restaurant she works at a couple of months back…”

This story may not seem quite real to you, the reader.

Some of you reading this right now are thinking: “What a crock of shit!”

But here are the facts:

Percentages & research on paternity Alpha fucks and Beta bucks: Why she is more likely to cheat during ovulation. Why she is more likely to get pregnant to a one night stand Sperm wars Back to the hero in our story…

Sooner or later, he’s going to have to face the facts:

He could end up having a child with an unfaithful woman.

He could be tied to this low value woman physically, emotionally and financially, for the rest of his life, all for the sake of their child.

Maybe they can patch up their relationship, move past her infidelity and become loving parents to their child.

This is wishful thinking and highly unlikely.

As the saying goes:

Once a cheat, always a cheat.

She’s already shown by her actions, that when her needs are not being met, she’ll have them met outside of the relationship.

Loyalty has no meaning to her.

The best situation for everyone, is that he’s not the father and he can just walk away and learn how to choose better in the future.

Click on the Resources tab to find out how to screen out low value women.

But the fact remains:

He could still be the father…he just doesn’t know.

What can he do?

He could demand that she terminate the pregnancy & have an abortion.

He has no legal right to do this.

The way the law stands, it’s her body, her choice.

So, if she decides to keep the baby and it turns out to be his, he’s financially liable for child support.

In other words, he has no choice and no legal rights and it is her decision and hers alone.

Also, research suggests that pregnancy termination may cause psychological and mental health problems in women.


Regardless of her bad behavior, you don’t want to contribute to any mental health issues she may develop.

She has to be responsible to any adverse effects, whether she chooses to terminate the pregnancy or not.

Get a paternity test.

9 months is a long time to wait to find out if you are the father or not…that’s a lot of stress and mixed emotions before you can know for sure if the child is yours or not.

Who knows, she may want to terminate the pregnancy if the child is not yours and keep it if the child is yours…can you find out before the child is born?

Fortunately, paternity can be tested as early as 8 weeks into the pregnancy

[ ]

It’s a small consolation, but at least you can make an informed decision before the child is born.

What if she is not willing to have a prenatal paternity test?

CLICK HERE to order your paternity test for when the baby is born.

Can she stop him from getting a paternity test?

CLICK HERE to find out.

CLICK HERE to find out what an Acknowledgement of Paternity is and why it is so important

Like we have mentioned already, the best outcome for you, would be if the child is not yours and you can walk away, wiser for the life lesson.

Never EVER be shamed, coerced or threatened into becoming the legal father to a child who isn’t yours.

No amount of tears, guilt tripping or ‘I’m sorry’ is going to undo her bad actions.

Remember, if she’s cheated once, she’ll do it again.

Do yo want that sort of woman in your life?

Once you are legally and financially on the hook until the baby reaches adulthood, there is no reason for her to behave herself.

Do NOT be duped by her manipulation, so if the child is not yours, walk away.

What do you do if it turns out you ARE the father?

You have to step up, be the bigger person and make peace with the past.

Regardless of her low morals and bad behavior, you are going to be raising a child with her.

Whatever she says or does, you are going to have to rise above and learn to be the best father you can be to the child.

That means NEVER bad-mouthing her in front of your child…

This means showering your child in love & praise and building a meaningful relationship with them,

Being civil with the mother (and any partners she brings into the child’s life),

Setting and sticking to clear boundaries with the mother & the child,

Becoming the best version of yourself,

When you meet someone & introduce them to your child, to demonstrate what a healthy, loving, adult relationship looks like.

Your role is to raise a happy, healthy child with good morals.

A good starting point is:

3% man

Parenting book

I wish you well on the next chapter in the journey of life.

Are you raising someone else’s child?

In today’s world, there are many men who step into an ‘instant family.’

They may be dating, living with or married to a woman who is a single mother, a woman who has a child or children from a previous relationship.

To those men who knowingly and willingly step in to help raise those children, good for you. It takes a degree of selflessness and care to knowingly and willingly step up to the mark and be a strong, masculine, positive role model to children that you know were fathered by someone else.

I’ve done it…twice.

Once to find out that it was a recipe for disaster.

When it’s good, it’s very good, but when it comes to establishing boundaries, you cop it from all sides:

‘You’re not my dad’ from the kids.

‘You can’t tell them what to do’ from their mother, and the crazy eyes from the ex because you are spending time with his children, while he’s restricted to a couple of weekends a month.

The second time was worse than the first which confirmed it for me…never again.

Maybe date the mother casually, but don’t get involved with the kids.

I got emotionally invested in the children, only to have my heart ripped out when I broke up with their mother, and the kids had to go through the emotional upheaval of another relationship ending.

So, for the guys who are in a relationship raising another man’s children, and find it to be a rewarding experience, this article is not aimed at you.

This article is for the men out there who are working hard to raise a family, where they believe the children are theirs…or are they?

In these uncertain economic times, where we are hopefully at the tail end of a global pandemic and the world is hopefully getting back to a degree of normality, many families have been put in a situation of severe financial stress, where one or both parents have either lost their jobs or taken a significant pay cut.

Many experts are claiming that lots of relationships are at breaking point and that domestic violence is at an all time high.

As sad and tragic as it is, it isn’t surprising. When you confine people to their homes for a number of days and weeks, with financial uncertainty and stress, arguments are bound to erupt from time to time.

Insecurities rise to the surface and doubts about a partner’s faithfulness bubble up, especially if little Johnny doesn’t have the same eye or hair color as daddy and doesn’t quite look like his brother or sister.

Even when these doubts are unfounded and no one has cheated, stress causes doubts to creep in and accusations to be made.

And often, these doubts are not that unreasonable.

Let’s look at some statistics (and if you have read many of the articles on this site, you are going to see these numbers come up again and again):

[stats summary with links]

Here’s the problem:

Every woman knows that the child she gave birth to, is hers…a man doesn’t have that certainty.

Maybe he works away a lot…and she gets lonely.

Maybe when they go to a party or barbecue, she has a few drinks and likes to flirt with different men.

Maybe he doesn’t give her much attention anymore.

Maybe they are arguing…a lot.

Maybe they have said things in the heat of the moment that have raised doubts in the relationship.

Maybe they are always breaking up and getting back together.

Maybe he’s insecure.

Maybe she’s cheated before.

Maybe he’s paranoid…

But what if one, or more of the children he is raising, and paying for, isn’t his?

What then?

Before he slaps her,

Before he accuses her of something terrible (like cheating)

Before he disowns the children,

Before he leaves the family,

Before he causes irreparable damage to the family…rightly or wrongly…

Wouldn’t it be better to know for certain if his doubts are real, or if he needs some help with his insecurities?


So many governments (state & federal) are trying to make it difficult (even illegal) for men to get the answers they desire and deserve.

It isn’t surprising when the statistics suggest that so many fathers are raising children that aren’t their own.

As a man, don’t you deserve to know the truth, regardless of what the law says?

Don’t you have the right to make a decision and choice based on the facts?

Of course you do.

That’s the importance of paternity tests.

They remove the guesswork so you are dealing with facts, not rumor and paranoia.

Alternatively, if you are having doubts about whether you are the child’s father or not, isn’t it important to know for sure, so the child gets the love they deserve?

After all, 2 out of 3 men who don’t think they are the father, are wrong.

But 1 in 3 men who thought they weren’t the father, were right.

Once you know for sure, you can make an informed decision.

Until you know for sure, you’re guessing.

If your doubts are unfounded and the child is yours, you can then get help to let go of your insecurities so that you can love the child unreservedly and be the best dad you can be.

Whatever the result, you deserve to know and the child deserves to know the truth.

Sometimes the truth can be painful, but the truth is still the truth.

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

So, to find out the truth for yourself, order your paternity test by clicking the link here

Marriage vs Dating vs Sex Workers: A Cost/Benefit Analysis

This is a semi-serious article for all you statistics geeks and number crunchers out there and a mindset shift for every guy struggling to meet and date quality women.

Am I saying that you should stop dating, never get married and start seeing prostitutes?



You’re a big boy, weigh up the pros and cons and make your own adult decisions.

Note: Of course, only do what is legal where you live…if it is illegal, don’t do it.

This is more of a perspective shift than ‘go sleep with a sex worker’.

It’s mental gymnastics and applied math aimed to empower men & open our collective eyes instead of just following the mainstream agenda.

There are so many gold nuggets in this article that are going to shift your perspective so that you will start to value yourself more and let go of the Disney & mainstream media bullshit that has been fed to you for far too many years.

You’re going to want to read this article again and again & share it with every clueless guy and every hapless simp you know. Guys, you need to know this:

It is your birthright to live an amazing life, so let’s get into it.

Take a look at this video from Better Bachelor:

I was out at the bar with some of the ‘old dogs’ of our group one night.

Over a few beers, rums and whiskys, we all got to talking and started sharing our various horror stories about dating crazy women, going through the divorce meat grinder and hooking up with single mothers. As the night wore on, the obvious question came up… I don’t know who asked it (probably me), but the question went something like this:

Under what circumstances would you see a sex worker/escort/prostitute instead of seeking traditional relationships?”

Every single one of us who had already been through the divorce machine, agreed that we’d never get married again. As the name of this article suggests, let’s look at the numbers and see how they stack up.

In today’s society, 50% of first marriages end in divorce within 7 to 9 years. 65% of second marriages end in divorce in 4 to 5 years, and if you haven’t learnt your lesson after 2 divorces, it gets even worse after that!


65-80% of divorces are initiated by women, because she ‘wasn’t happy’, not because of anything real & tangible, like abuse, alcoholism or him cheating on her, just her ‘feelings.’

As an adult, isn’t she responsible for doing things that make her happy?

She’s not a 3 year old child needing constant attention and none of us are performing monkeys, jumping through hoops to make her or anyone else happy.

A healthy relationship is about two adults pulling together as a team, for the best interests of all members of the relationship and the family. At least, that’s how guys typically approach marriage. Having been through our own divorces, the group agreed:

In divorce court, if you have a penis, the question isn’t,

Am I going to get fucked?”

The question is more like:

How bad am I going to get fucked and how long is it going to last?”

The answer usually starts with: “At least half your shit + alimony + child support and only 4 days with your child a month, until the child is an adult and the alimony could be from 10 years to life.”

Got a child? Make sure they’re yours. Order your paternity test HERE Today

Of course, you want to support your children financially, and take care of their needs, but why are you responsible for the lifestyle of an adult woman (your ex), who should be responsible for her own financial needs?

After all, women want equality, don’t they?

I told you we were cynical & jaded, but talk to your friends who have been through a divorce and they’ll tell you similar horror stories.

Most men end up financially ruined after a divorce, and far too many men In divorce, she typically gets the house (plus half his pension fund & benefits), while he ends up in a one bedroom, rat infested shit hole, paying rent on his apartment + the mortgage on a house he no longer lives in + child support + alimony.

Seems like a pretty shitty deal to me.

When it comes to marriage, the motto is “one & done.” Every guy is entitled to make the mistake of choosing the wrong woman to date, marry or start a family with. As the saying goes:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

With the way the Family Law industry is set up these days, there is very little incentive or benefit for men to get married. Until they change the system and make it more balanced, why would you go to a rigged game where the losses are massive and the odds are stacked so high against you?

You wouldn’t go to a rigged poker game, so why would you get married more than once…but then again, some people are slow learners or just delusional.

So, what about dating?

Before we go any further and before you soy boys out there (or you angry feminists) get all butt hurt, remember: this is a cost/benefit analysis.

What is the purpose of dating?

For guys, the short answer is to get laid.


Here are the answers to the soy-boys and angry feminists questions as they furiously curse at their computer screens, calling me a misogynistic bastard.

But what about the flirty fun at the start of a new relationship?

Flirt with the hot barmaid at the bar or the cute waitress at your local steakhouse or burger joint…she’ll flirt with you for because she’s hoping you’ll give her a bigger tip.

Or go to your local titty bar and flash a $50 bill, the strippers will be all over you, in a flash, flirting and rubbing themselves up against you.

What about inspiring & interesting & intelligent conversations?

Most guys are actually a lot deeper than many women give them credit for, especially after a couple of beers, so get around the campfire or go fishing with a couple of buddies and a six pack of beers and you’re going to have conversations that could solve world hunger and bring about world peace.

Otherwise, start up a conversation with the attractive woman in the bookstore or the hot librarian…they are infinitely more intelligent than the average chick you meet in the bar or on Tinder and Bumble.

What about emotional support, friendship, loyalty & affection?

No contest- Get a dog.

There’s a reason they are man’s best friend.

They’re always happy to see you, they’re playful & affectionate & far more loyal than any man or woman, they’ll protect you, defend the home and they’ll never bitch at you or complain if you watch porn on your laptop or go to the titty bar.

Sure, you’ve gotta shovel their shit off the grass once in a while, but other than that, they’re the perfect companion.

Now that we’ve dealt with the bullshit reasons why men date, the truth of the matter is:

Men date to get laid.

So, let’s go through the numbers:

If a guy with average looks, who works out and isn’t obese, earns decent money and has a certain amount of game, he can usually get laid by the second or third date.

By the 3rd date, the average guy has spent $200-$500 or more on a woman he hardly knows and is hoping to take to bed… If that’s you, give yourself an uppercut and stop spending your hard earned cash on women you have just met.

Golden Rule of dating:

First date: Coffee, 15-30 minutes to see if she is worth you investing any more of your valuable time in getting to know her.

2nd/3rd date: Go to the beach or bush walking or bike riding, something active that YOU enjoy doing.

You want someone who is fit and active so you know she’s not going to gain a bunch of weight & you want to arrange inexpensive and fun dates so you get to know her properly and make sure she isn’t a gold digger.

After that: Invite her to grab a bottle of wine (or whatever you like to drink) & come over to your place and make dinner together.

You can do all the romantic stuff you pay stupid amounts of money for in restaurants, you can put on some sexy music and slow dance and you’re close to your bedroom so you can see how good she is in bed BEFORE you throw bucket loads of YOUR hard earned cash at her.

If she’s a starfish or a warm corpse in bed or has a whole bunch of issues around sex or you’re just not sexually compatible, you haven’t wasted your money or too much of your time.

I’ll say it again:

Stop throwing money at women you have only just met and hardly know.

Only spend your cash on your business, your children, your sports, your hobbies, your own health and fitness, your car & clothes and only spend it on high quality women who have shown through their actions over time that they deserve your attention: ie: your wives and long term girlfriends. Anyway, back to our average guy:

2 to 3 dates & $200-$500 = maybe sex and blue balls if you take her out for 3 to 5 dates and still don’t get laid.

Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

Here’s the facts guys:

If she’s really into you, you don’t need to spend money on her.

Expensive dates & gifts and flowers are for insecure guys that don’t know their own value.

Stop doing that stupid shit and spend your time, energy & money on becoming a better version of yourself & you won’t need to wine & dine her as a bribe for sex.

More and more women are going on dates with guys, not because they’re into them, but because it is less boring than being stuck at home alone and she can get a free meal.


But let’s say you have met this cute girl, and you have been steadily dating and you think us old guys are full of crap and you have found the unicorn and she seems just so special and perfect and wow…she loves me!

Let’s fast forward 6 months and she’s staying at your place 3 or 4 nights a week, and has even moved a bunch of her stuff into your apartment, she has her toothbrush on the side of the bathroom sink and a drawer in the vanity, her own space in the wardrobe and the neighbors even know her name.

Congratulations, the state probably now recognize you as married under common law, and if things turn sour and you split up, she is legally entitled to half your shit. (tip: de facto & common law marriage rules vary from state to state, from 3 months to 2 years or staying over a certain number of nights a week


GOLDEN RULE: She can come & stay over every now & then, but DO NOT let her move in!

Make sure she has her own apartment or place to call home.)

Dating the same woman for an extended period of time can be the same as being married…and if you break up, it could be the same as a divorce.

If you have children with this woman, there’s the risk of alimony, child support, paternity fraud and a world of pain for you.

[links & stats]

Yes, we are painting a grim picture, but this is a site about paternity fraud and if you have been brainwashed by Disney and mainstream media for most of your life, we need to give you the other side of the story, directly, like drinking form a fire hose, so listen up.

If you break up, you’re on the hook for child support and alimony.

It can get very expensive.

It can ruin your life.

Make the wrong choices with the wrong woman & once she has her hooks in you, the sex dries up, the weight goes on and the nagging starts.

Sound like fun to you?

Instead of dealing with that drama, consider this possibility:

Would you be willing to catch the bus or train to work each day, if you could hire a Lamborghini for an afternoon on the track every other weekend?

But why just stick with the Lambo?

There are so many different makes and models of vehicles out there, with different features and paint jobs and alloy rims and turbos and leather interiors and heads up displays…so many choices, so little time.

Why not try the Ferrari one weekend, then the next time take the McLaren out, then the Porsche?

Maybe you are going away for the weekend, so you take the Aston Martin up into the mountains, or the Jeep, and for your annual black tie work dinner, you take the Bentley.

By catching the bus or train each day, the money you save on petrol, parking, vehicle registration, insurance, servicing and tyres more than pays for your track days.

The best part is, you can try out lots of different amazing and beautiful sports cars and luxury vehicles and live like a prince. The same goes for high class escorts.

Save your money from expensive dates and nights out by cooking at home and instead of paying $12 a beer in the pub, invite the guys round to your place and buy a carton of beer and watch the game, or play poker or darts or have a meaningful conversation…that $12 beer in the pub usually costs around $4 from the carton and you’ll have loads more fun than an expensive date with the boring chick who looks 10 years older than her profile pics on Bumble.

Then when the urge takes you, party like a rockstar with stunningly beautiful women.

Depending on where you live, a high class escort is generally more affordable than 3 or 4 dinner dates, and a lot more fun.

You have a selection of beautiful women, in their prime, dressed in gorgeous lingerie, who are discreet and professional, and the sex is guaranteed and mind blowing!

She has regular health checks because she is legally required to for her to work in the sex industry, she always uses safe sex practices and there’s zero risk of her telling you that she’s pregnant and you’re the father.

And just like sports cars, she doesn’t mind if you choose a different vehicle next time you want to go out. I’m not saying do it or don’t do it.

I’m just giving you a different perspective.

Instead of having your fat, nagging, narcissistic wife in your ear, constantly telling you how useless you are, picture yourself with that gorgeous 26 year old in the stockings and lingerie.

With that image in your head, you are far less likely to put up with abusive behavior from annoying, low quality women.

All I’m saying is that many guys, after being divorce raped and dealing with crazy exes, view sex workers as an attractive alternative to dating.

The final (and our recommended) option is to become a 3% man


Become the best version of yourself.

Instead of chasing women, chase excellence instead.

It is your birthright to live an amazing life.

Instead of Netflix & chill with, go to the gym, start a side business, learn a new skill and increase your value as a man.

Get fit, eat well, play sport, sort out your finances, educate yourself, build a business, get a better job, have fun & interesting hobbies, focus on quality friendships.

If you’re a parent, build meaningful relationships with your children.

Focus on your goals, dreams and passions.

Live an amazing life, travel the world, be the prize and naturally attract high quality women into your life, and date them non exclusively.

It takes consistent effort and dedication, but the reward and quality of life is definitely worth it.

Legal v Biological Paternity: What’s the Difference?

So you think paternity means you’re the father, that the child is a product of you and the mother conceiving a child together.

Yet, it’s not quite as simple as that.

You see, it doesn’t matter where you live, whether it’s the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, or pretty much anywhere in the Western world, paternity fraud happens.

Paternity fraud occurs when the mother has had one or more sexual partners (besides you) at the time of conception, yet she doesn’t tell you, so you believe yourself to be the father.

You may be more reliable, more caring and a better financial solution if you are the father to the child than the actual biological father.

Whatever reason, the woman has cheated and you end up loving, financially and emotionally bonding and supporting and raising a child that has no biological link to you.

So what can you do?

Like I said, biological paternity is pretty straightforward.

You’re either the father or you are not.

If you are, your biological link to your child can be determined by DNA testing of you and the child, which is what a paternity test does and can be calculated to 99.9% certainty.

Legal paternity is a different story altogether.

Biological paternity is obvious.

If you are the biological parent, your DNA makes up 50% of that child’s DNA.

That’s obvious and makes sense to even the most casual observer.

Legal paternity however, can be a weird and stressful and brutally unfair situation for the child, father, the rest of the family and everyone involved, because of the mother’s deceit.

It can also be an emotionally traumatic and costly legal minefield where the rules change depending upon where you live.

For example:

At the time of writing, in Britain, if a man agrees for his name to go on the birth certificate, he is legally deemed the father, which carries with it all the legal and financial responsibilities of being the father.

In the United States, it is known as an Acknowledgement of Paternity, and is a document signed by the man who presumes he is the father, usually in hospital at the time the baby is born. Other countries. states and jurisdictions have various names for this document, but the fact remains:

Once signed, it is legally binding, and regardless of biological paternity, the man is now legally bound to the child, meaning he is financially obligated to the child, regardless of the facts.

Now, if he later gets a paternity test, and finds out he’s not the father, he can go to court to have his name removed from the birth certificate, have his legal status changed and he no longer has any legal rights or responsibilities for the child.

But any money he has paid for the raising of that child does not get returned to him, even though he was deceived by the child’s mother.

The financial payments he has made are considered a gift in law, so he has no legal recourse to claim the money back.

In some jurisdictions in the USA, if a man does not clear up the legal record within 30 days, 2 years, or some other random/arbitrary time frame decided by the courts, then the law automatically presumes that you’re the father and you carry all the legal and financial obligations for that child.

What this means is, while you’re with the mother, you’ve raised the child as if it’s yours.

Yet, if for example, you separate from the mother, you are still legally and financially liable for the raising of that child, even if you can prove that the child is not yours biologically.

You are penalised financially and legally and the mother is rewarded for her dishonesty.

You are not the biological father, so you have no legal right of access to the child, but you still have to pay.

You can have your wages garnisheed and even go to jail as a ‘deadbeat dad’ if you fail to keep up to date with the payments.

That is how messed up the Family Law system is in pretty much every country in the Western world.

In the United States, it is estimated that over a million men are in this situation, being legally stolen from and forced to pay for a child that they can prove is not theirs.

Let’s say you were lied to and the child is now 5 years old.

Perhaps rumours have got back that your partner was cheating on you and you decide to have a paternity test.

In France and Germany, it is now illegal for you to get a paternity test without the permission of the mother. Britain has similar laws.

Let’s assume, legal or not, you get a paternity test and the results say that you are not the biological father.

Do you have the right to claim back and retro actively receive back all the monies that you paid for the upkeep of another man’s child?


Nowhere in the world are you able to reclaim the money that was deceitfully received from you.

The law considers it a gift, even though you only provided the ‘gift’ as a result of deceit.

How this is not considered fraud, is mind boggling…or certain (groups of) people stand to gain from this deceit.

Read the article HERE: What is Paternity Fraud…and who benefits from the lies?

Many men, especially in the United States, (as it seems to be the jurisdiction that this is reported upon most), end up in jail, end up having their wages garnisheed, their driving license cancelled and punished in various other ways, because the courts legally deem that man to be the legal father, even though biologically he’s not…and the court wants its money!

So what legal tests does the court have to legally determine that you are the father?

1. Are you married to the mother?

In English Common law, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child.

This is a law that dates back hundreds of years and these archaic laws are still in place today.

2. Is your name is on the birth certificate?

If your name is on the birth certificate (even without your knowledge or consent), you are deemed to be the father.

If you don’t have a paternity test done in the legally prescribed period (typically 30 days to 2 years), it is virtually impossible to unravel your legal liabilities to the child, even though you can prove via paternity testing that you are not the biological father.

You are on the hook legally and financially and the courts don’t care.

3. If the courts determine that you have acted in the role of the father.

This may mean something like bathing the child, changing their diaper, reading the child a bedtime story, taking the child to and from school.

Even though you’re not the biological father, the law deems you to be the father.

Let’s say you don’t know if you are the father or not, but you care for the woman and you’re helping her out and you just want to make her life a bit easier.

After all, she’s recently had a baby and she’s tired. You want to help her out with the chores around the house, so you feed the baby and change a few diapers, do some shopping, and the law deems you to be the child’s father.

You have a paternity test, the relationship turns sour, so you part company but you could be legally liable for the child moving forward.

This is the problem with the Family Law system.

So, what’s a guy to do?

How can you protect yourself?

Don’t get married?

That’s a personal choice and you need to do your own research.

I’m not here to sway you one way or another, except to say that in the current legal environment, for a man, marriage carries a lot of responsibilities and not too many rights.

So, if you are going to get married, make sure you choose well.

One of the best resources on selecting a good woman is Rollo Tomassi’s book:

The Rational Mate…get your copy here.


#2: Learn to recognize the warning signs:

Is your partner faithful?

Is your partner trustworthy?

Is your partner loyal?

Are they good person?

Do they have addiction issues?

Does she come from a stable, loving family?

These are questions that you should work out during the dating process.

Read the Rational Male to find out about other red flags and problems to avoid.

Read the article HERE: Why women cheat (How can you spot the warning signs?)

I know, you don’t like reading, but reading a an article has to be better than the heartache and financial upheaval that comes from paying for a child that isn’t yours…or get the audio version.

What if it has been a friends with benefits/ casual hookups situation and she becomes pregnant?

Women are human, just like men are.

We all tell lies, especially when we’re in fear when we’re under stress.

Maybe she’s been bed-hopping, with 4 sexual partners around the time of conception, and 2 of them don’t have a job or are drug addicts and you’re a stand up guy who has his own apartment and has a job, and even though biologically you’re not the father, she may want you to play the role of the father.


Guys: If you are not ready for a child with her, ALWAYS wear a condom & dispose of it yourself- flush it or take it with you.

Don’t put it in the wastebasket where its’ contents can be recovered.

I know, condoms suck, they don’t feel as good as bareback, but if you don’t want a child and don’t want a case of herpegonosyphillaids (check )

Most importantly, if you are presumed to be the father (legally and/or biologically), get a paternity test and find out for sure.

But the important part is guys, if you’re not the biological father, you deserve the choice to say,

“I want to step up” or not.

If you ARE the biological father, you have a responsibility.

Got a child? Find out for sure. CLICK HERE:


So the biggest option, and I don’t care whether you think she’s the perfect woman or not, you should be able to have the right to have a paternity test.

If you are deemed to be the father, either legally, or by marriage, or on the birth certificate, you should have the legal right to have a paternity test to find out for sure.

If you are the father and you’ve been doubting it because of sketchy behaviour on her part, you need to sit down with your lady and have a real conversation about trust, about loyalty and about family values.

If you are the father and your doubts are due to your own paranoia and insecurities, get help to sort out your issues.

(Corey’s book link)

If you’re not the father, you have a decision to make, especially if there’s more than one child in the relationship and one or more of the children are yours and then this one is not.

You have a responsibility to those other children and you have a responsibility to treat their brother or sister with respect and with care, and they can’t be unfairly treated based around the poor choices and decisions their mother has made.

So you have a conscious choice to make about how you move forward in being a father to the children that are yours. And how you approach the raising of the family, and whether or not you’re willing to interact with the child, it’s not yours and or financially support the child and emotionally support the child that is not yours.

That’s a decision only you can make.

As a man, I respect whichever decision you make, but you know what?

It has to be your decision.

You can’t be forced to make it based upon other people’s expectations, you got to be true to yourself.

You need to do what’s right for you.

Some of these other articles here are going to discuss those options and what you can do to help yourself and help that family moving forward.

So how do you step up if you are the father?

How do you move forward if you’re not the father?

The key question becomes this one:

If that child is not yours, would you treat them any differently than you currently are?

If that question ever becomes Yes, then you have the right to know and you should have the right to a paternity test.

So to get your paternity test here, click the link below and get the answers that you deserve.