Are You the Daddy?

One of the toughest questions a man ever has to ask himself , or is asked by his friends or family is this: Are You SURE that YOU are the Father? Why? You love your child with all your heart.

When You ARE the Daddy

You have had the paternity test, you have received the results and You ARE the Father. For some guys, that result fills you with relief and joy. For others, the result will fill you with dread. Which guy are YOU?

When You are NOT the Daddy

You had some doubts, you had a paternity test and YOU are NOT the FATHER. For some men, you are feeling massive relief and for other guys, you are experiencing sadness, anger, betrayal and a whole range of other feelings

The fact that you are on this site means that you are probably going a very tough and difficult time in your life right now.

You have a ton of questions and doubts in your mind, loads of ‘what ifs’ rattling through your brain and so much emotional turmoil going on that your head feels like it’s in a blender.

We will answer Your 3 most important Questions:

1. Are You the Daddy?

2. How do you move forward when you ARE the Father?

3. How do you deal with it when you are NOT the Father?

Get the Facts

How to organise a paternity test and find out beyond a doubt, are you the daddy? What are your rights and obligations to find out, are you the daddy?

Are your doubts valid or are you just being insecure and paranoid?

For some men, the thought of becoming a father fills them with self doubt, while other men are fully justified to wonder if they are the child’s father. How to overcome your insecurities when you are the child’s father.

Where can you get a paternity test?

Once you decide that you need to know for sure, we show you how to get a paternity test and get the results you need.

How do you have the conversation with your partner?

Whether you are the father or not, you need to work out if your partner has been cheating, if you are paranoid and if the relationship has a future.

Should You stay or leave?

What do you do if you are not the father? What if you are the father to one child, but not another? How do you make a decision that is best for you and your children?

What are the laws and what are your rights?

Different countries and different states have various laws and obligations for men who want to find out if they are a child’s father or not. In some situations, even if you are NOT the father, you might still be liable. Learn how to get the answers you need.

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